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Job Preference Survey

Please note: Families enrolled in classes for 1-2 class periods will be assigned one job.
Families enrolled in classes for 3-5 class periods will be assigned 2 jobs.

Select only 5 potential jobs...numbered 1-5 in order of preference

Facilitate a class

 Class Choice #1:

 Class Choice #2:

 Class Choice #3:

Giving Table

Hall Monitor

Information Desk (Checking in families and teachers, signing in visitors, answering questions, substituting for facilitators, as necessary)

Miscellaneous Jobs


Preschool Helper

Processing (check all that apply)

Set-up 8:30am

Side Door Monitor (sit by locked door)


Lunchroom Monitor

Trash pick-up 2:45pm

Do you have any job limitations or comments for the Jobs Director to consider? (For example: Chronic illness, newborn baby, lifting restrictions, limited movement/range of motion) Please explain in box.

Are you willing to do the same job you held last year?

Will you have young children with you? 

What hours will you be at Legacy?